Over the years, a lot of positive progress has been made within the education field, but there are still challenges to ensure that all children can learn and thrive tomorrow! These challenges include:

  • A disconnect between Ed-Tech developers, educators, and students. While Ed-Tech experts aim to develop the most innovative and advanced technology to support learning, educators are struggling to catch up due to lack of training and resources. Ironically, this condition causes ineffective delivery of knowledge to students!
  • Students’ reliance on teachers in the traditional teaching and learning environment also means that most applications are developed for classroom use. But what about schools which have shortages of qualified teachers? What about children who even don’t have access to schooling?
  • Some apps can help  young people learn independently, but most of them can only run on high-end devices.  Students who come from low socio-economic backgrounds cannot enjoy the benefits of such technology—creating a cycle of inequality.

At Solve Education!, we have identified these gaps and we are committed to making an alternative scalable solution that makes education accessible to more children in the world!

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With the support of our incredibly talented team of experts in the field of digital learning, game psychology, big data, and Artificial Intelligence, Solve Education! works to accelerate the high-impact learning process for young people, whether or not they can afford to go to traditional schools. How exactly do we do this? We’re developing and perfecting a mobile phone application which allows them to have fun and gain 21st-century core knowledge and skills effectively at the same time. This Android game app is called Dawn of Civilization (DOC) and it’s currently being tested by youth around the world.

But we’re not stopping there! What’s next for Solve Education!?

  • We’re committed to working on perfecting our platform, so it can reach more and more young people who needs education in the world.
  • We’re working to attract and onboard high-impact partners who can help us scale and improve.
  • Upon completing their education with us, students will be provided with great opportunities to earn money by doing micro-tasks facilitated by Solve Employment! (our solution to solve employment issues).