Job Description

Position : UX Designer

Location : Bandung, Indonesia

Salary : Negotiable

Note: To send in a portfolio together with CV/other documents.

Position Overview


We are looking for a person who has an itch to make broken experiences better, from day to day interaction with the objects in our homes, to our favorite social media websites and mobile game that we interact with everyday. This person must have an understanding that design made must be aligned with the problem that we’re trying to fix. This person must also understand the importance of user’s feedback, but also understand that sufficient data must be collected before we make any decisions. This person must understand the importance of user research and competitor analysis, and enjoys interacting with our users/beneficiaries. We are looking for a creative and innovative person who will make our user experience truly better. This person will work together with our creative and development team closely, and is expected to be able to present the design and defend the decisions made based on data.



  • Experience using Adobe XD/Figma/Balsamiq/other prototyping tools
  • Demonstrated ability to be creative and innovative
  • Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS, understanding their potentials and limitations
  • Able to construct mockups and wireframes for development
  • Able to construct prototype/pretotype and conduct user testing
  • Able to conduct competitor analysis of other websites/apps
  • Understanding and proven use of user-centered design processes and methods
  • Able to make design decisions based on requirements and feedbacks
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English, bilingual preferred
  • Collaborate effectively in a team

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