Job Description

Position           : Senior Web Developer

Location          : Bandung, Indonesia

Salary              : Competitive Package


SolveEducation (Yayasan Teknologi Untuk Indonesia), the first-ever not-for-profit Ed-Tech company in Indonesia and the mother of “Dawn of Civilization”, currently looking for the excellent talent in Indonesia to be a part of us.

* 2+ years of experience in web development: front-end and back-end.
* Understands English. Broken English is okay, at least understandable and you have the willingness to learn.
* Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation, the JavaScript object model, and usages of JQuery. Familiarity with newer specifications of ECMAScript and more sophisticated framework (such as React/Angular/Vue) would be a huge plus.
* Strong ability in PHP, and MVC framework for PHP (Lumen and CodeIgniter). Knowledge of another MVC framework in PHP and another language (ex: Django in Python, Rails in Ruby, etc.) would be a huge plus.
* Knows/understands current standards of software development in the industry, especially CI/CD and Test Driven Development.
* Love to configure the web servers. Basic Linux command is a must.
* Familiar with git and/or SVN.
* Experienced with the concept of REST API and OAuth. Knowledge of modern authorisation mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token and new technology such as GraphQL will be a huge plus.
* Passionate to learn something new and grows together in a small company.
* A passionate gamer is a huuuuuge plus.

* Competitive salary,
* BPJS Healthcare insurance,
* Pension funds,
* Residency in Bandung,
* Breakfast-lunch-dinner,
* Opportunity to learn about new technologies, not-for-profit organisation vibe, and learn from people in-land and overseas.

Send your application (cover letter, CV, and portfolio) to