Solve Education!

We provide youths around the world with a fun, easy-to-access way to learn, no matter who they are or where they are from.

A mass customization of education for free, online, and offline.

Who We Are

Solve Education! is a philanthropic organization committed to enabling people to empower themselves through education. Our focus is to help children and youth around the globe receive effective and fun education. Whether these children and youth don’t attend a school or the traditional education they receive is ineffective, we are here to help.

Our team is made up of experienced educationists, technologists, and business executives. What do we have in common? Our driving passion to close the global education gap, one child at a time.

“Learning should be fun. How do we empower kids to learn with the fast-becoming globally-accessible internet and smartphone? Perhaps this is one of the key questions of our age.”

Peng T. Ong


Many challenging problems can be solved with well-built technology. The global education gap is no exception.

Janine Teo

CEO & Founder

What We Do

Dawn of Civilization

A game designed by gamers and educators for young people of today, no matter where they live or what socio-economic barriers they face.

Ed the Learning Bot

Learn English through conversations on Telegram with Ed the Learning Bot. Players can play with friends at the same time! There is also a leaderboard to find out who the winner is. Now, learning English is a lot more fun!


A dedicated digital space to view learners’ learning performance and behaviour; to see where they are at, what skills they need to improve, and what hinders their progress.


Content+ is the content bank portal for Solve Education!’s game app, Dawn of Civilization.

Solve Employment

We link students’ success in DOC with internship and employment opportunities in Solve Employment.

Youtube Classifier

Language teaching experts have been using videos for a while. And why not? Videos make the learning experience more fun and effective.

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