Teaching children through mobile apps for free seems very cool! How can I best help spread the word?

The best way for you to help spread the word is to become our ambassador. Contact us for more information at info@solveeducation.org

I am no techie, can I still volunteer at SE!?

Of course you can! As long as you are passionate about improving the quality of education and willing to learn, we will always welcome you. Don’t forget to write to us at volunteer@solveeductaion.org

How is my donation spent?

SE! makes sure that every penny you spent counts. Most of education technology apps run very well on high-end devices. This costs many underprivileged children cannot access such luxury.

Here, at SE!, we are committed to build a technological platform to help children learn  that can run on low-end devices, online and offline, and for free.     It requires so much effort and many resources to achieve that. Your donation will be spent to achieving these goals through research and software development.

I run a school and am interested in becoming your partner, how can I do that?

Send us a brief overview about your school and tell us how do you want to contribute at info@solveeducation.org

As a technology company, how can I best support these kids?
There are many ways you can support children to learn with us. One of them is to give these kids mobile phone credit so that they can learn anywhere, anytime, more efficiently.