SE! is seeking qualified candidates interested in undertaking a three-month Internship Program. This program is designed for young professionals seeking to gain work experience within the education and international development fields. 

By joining our SE! Internship Program, you will have a chance to gain an inside perspective and experience on how a not-for-profit EdTech operates. SE! cares about the success of our interns and we will work extra hard to ensure that you are given sufficient supervision and advice on tasks. As an intern, you have the freedom of stating your preference to work in one of  the fields below:  

  • Business Development Intern
  • Product Development Intern
  • Content Marketing Intern
  • Strategic Partnership Intern
  • UX Design Intern
  • Website Development Intern
  • Game Tester Intern


  • Once the program has been successfully completed, you will receive a certificate and letter of completion.
  • SE! does not provide financial remuneration for their interns.
  • SE! will not consider their interns as staff members.
  • The internship will last for three (3) months with 20 working hours from Monday to Friday every week.  

Recruitment selection process:

  1. Online admission
  2. Interview sessions
  3. Announcement


We invite you to join us by filling out the form below, and you can expect to hear from us soon!


Sarah Azzahra
Sarah Azzahra

Sarah was born and raised in Cimahi. She has really loved to play games since kindergarten when her father bought a computer. At the time, her father had given her an educational game to play.
Since then, she really had an interest for computers. When she was in middle school, she watched a sci-fi movie about a hacker which she found to be very cool. However, after doing some research on Google on how to be a hacker, she found out that it was a crime so she changed her mind and she decided to learn programming language instead, but she didn’t know where to start.
After graduating from middle school, she chose to continue to a vocational high school and major in software engineering because she thought that that was the right choice for her to learn programming. After she learned about programming, she found out that she was more interested with web development. She had finished her final project with Code Igniter and then continued to choose Solve Education! for her school internship program because she found Solve Education! to be a really interesting organization with their great game.


Yuka obtained his bachelor degree in Accounting Education from Universitas Negeri Malang. He has a passion for education, especially in literacy. He was an education volunteer in Dusun Sempukerep, Desa Dalisodo, Kecamatan Wagir, Malang as a tutor for elementary school students (2016-2018). He also volunteered as a tutor of vocational high school students in Panti Asuhan Kampar Malang (2017-2019) and worked as a teacher-in-training at SMKN 1 Malang (2018,  September & October). He spoke at the educational event “How to Give and Impact Through Reading and Writing” at Pusat Pengembangan Anak Nganjuk (2019).

Moreover, Yuka also likes to spend his time writing books and essays. Several books he has written that have been published are “Teladan Itu Bernama Kehidupan (Belajar Integritas dari Kehidupan 10 Tokoh Nasional)”, “Gemar Membaca dan Rutin Menulis”, “Literasi: Solusi Terbaik Untuk Mengatasi Problematika Sosial di Indonesia”. The essays that he has published in the newspaper are “Disrupsi dan Pendidikan Karakter Ki Hajar Dewantara” and “Mengikis Intoleransi”. 

Yuka hopes that he can use his knowledge and experience to help contribute to the dissemination of education through Solve Education!.


David Tori was raised in Jambi and started his college life in Bandung. He finished his study in English Literature, Universitas Padjadjaran. During his college year, he kept thinking that he is more than just an English Literature student. He wanted to make sure that his future self would not be labeled with his degree. So, through his college coursework, he tried to explore other capabilities besides his English skills byjoining several organizations and committees.

David has also been playing video games since he was in grade school and he realized that he was really addicted to video games. Since his adolescence, he was really captivated by NGOs. He realized, he had the desire to grant impacts for the world. With this strong will, he brought along his desire to help people and his enthusiasm for gaming when he joined the internship program at Solve Education! under the fundraising division. He wants to contribute to SE! which aims to provide children with access to better education. He believes that his work can give positive impact to the children in his country.


Born in Bandung and raised in Cimahi, he has been playing video games since he was in grade school. He realized since a young age that video games can bring a lot of fun for people. Besides that, video games played a big part in him honing his English skills, since almost all of the games he played were in English.

He studied in Universitas Padjadjaran and obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Having studied International Relations, he realized how much impact non-governmental organizations could have on the lives of a lot of people. Many NGOs are capable of delivering tangible effect for a lot of people, which is in line with his passion to be able to help as many people as he can.

As an intern under the fundraising division, he wants to help SE! expand its capabilities and access a wider range and larger number of people.


Kate Huth is originally from Australia where at a young age, she began her community service work with Apex Australia, a volunteer community service organization engaged in a diverse range of projects across the country. She also spent a year in Denmark as a Rotary Exchange Student, before returning to Australia to study Applied Linguistics. After years of involvement, Kate joined Apex Australia and served on the State Boards as the Youth Officer, with a focus on engaging youth in community projects. Kate spent three years in Indonesia teaching ESL, moved to Italy for one year, then, completed her journey by returning to Australia to gain her BA Ed as an Indonesian teacher.

Kate furthered her involvement with Apex Australia, serving on local, state and national boards for seven years. During her four-year term as an International Relations Officer, she travelled widely throughout the Asian countries with Apex organisations, arranging inter-country exchange trips to increase opportunities for the community-based organisations to assist each other. Kate was the first women National President of Apex and after serving many years on the Apex National Board, she became Apex Global Chair.

As part of her Global role, she travelled to Bangladesh and India, working to rejuvenate the Associations and increase interaction with the international community. She spearheaded the formation of Women’s Apex Clubs, giving women recognition for their work at a community level.

Kate was the driving force behind the formation of two Apex clubs in Lombok, Indonesia, focused on environmental and educational concerns. She was also involved with the introduction of a STEM based social enterprise program into Malaysia. This has included working with the local managers of the program to develop confidence in using varied teaching and learning methods to encourage differentiated thinking techniques.

Kate has always held a belief that the best way to generate genuine change is from the bottom up and she hopes to continue her hands-on work to achieve those necessary changes. She believes that by working with Rotary through the Peace Fellowship she will be able to help create lasting change in education and communities throughout the world.