Students of POLINEMA stand a chance to win a prize worth IDR 130,000 every 2 weeks. We’ve created the Hall of Fame board so users can check their rank daily! If you’d like to host learning competitions for students, please drop us an email.


As part of our efforts to deliver lifelong skills such as leadership and financial education, we recently launched a Campus Ambassador program for learners across sub-Saharan Africa. With our recent opening of applications, we’ve received over 50 applicants who were interested in solving education with us. This program uses our chatbot solution, Ed The Bot to provide AI learning! Contact us to find out how we can work together!


Melvin Zhang, our Research Engineer (Digital Learning) is currently researching on potential open source Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks & tools to create an automated question generator. He shared that, “From our perspective, we are interested to use the NLP to create a game for reading comprehension where it can automatically read a passage, understand it, and automatically generate questions”. We’d love to hear from you if you know an expert in this field that can help turn this into a reality!