Our chairman, Peng T. Ong, asked a question about bypassing the industrialization stage and going straight to a knowledge-based economy at the Africa Innovation Summit in Cape Verde. The discussion led to the realization that knowledge workers are necessary for a knowledge-based economy. We then spent several days discussing global education and its issues, including barriers to education for disadvantaged youth and inequality perpetuated by inadequate access to quality education. By 2020, 70% of the world will have basic smartphone and internet access, but the education technology industry primarily caters to those who can afford it and are already motivated to learn. Solve Education! was founded in 2015 to address these challenges.


Since day one, our vision has been the same: a world where all students can access education and gain confidence in their ability to learn. Our goal is to bring free, engaging educational software to the low-end phones and intermittent internet connectivity that will soon cover the globe. But there’s more…

To actually make our learning technology work, we have to make it appealing and useful for students of all socio-economic backgrounds. So, we have talked to the world’s most successful game developers to get their best practices and inspiration. The result? A game that is so engaging students become addicted to playing-and to learning. We even build in real-life incentives by directly linking success in the game to opportunities on our online employment platform.

The design of our game encourages students to be independent, analytical problem-solvers, so they have the skills required for a world that’s changing faster than we ever thought possible! Following learning journeys personalized and guided by Artificial Intelligence, our educational game app will empower students with skills and confidence to face the challenges of a changing world, and transform their own lives. And it all started with a conversation at a conference!

*Solve Education! is part of the prestigious Fast Forward.