Employability programme report

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), only 20% of people worldwide currently have a NEET status (Not in education, employment or training). As the nature of work is shifting to involve more technical skills and there is a shortage of jobs for young people entering the workforce in the next decade, the youth unemployment crisis is likely here to stay. Solve Education! In collaboration with Aflatoun International has launched the Employability module to prepare youth globally to enter the workforce. This report gives an overview of the programme and the progress we have made in 2021.

Financial literacy programme report

The fast pace changes in the global financial market emphasize the importance of financial literacy. However, it is estimated that only 35% of people aged between 15-35 are considered financially literate. Solve Education!, with our presence in over 30 countries, aims to bring this skill closer to the youth through our ‘Financial Literacy Programme’. This report aims to give an overview of our work in the financial literacy field and the progress we have made in 2021.

Digital Facilitator’s Training Programme

Educators of the 21st century face challenges on all fronts, from attending each student’s learning progress to designing an exciting, yet comprehensive curriculum. The pandemic has proven the role of technology as educators’ trusted tool, but the integration process in some regions around the world has been more complicated than others. Recognizing such problems, Solve Education! sets sight on empowering educators to overcome their digital challenges through our “Digital Facilitators’ Training Programme”. This report aims to give an overview of our work with educators and the progress we have made in 2021.

Solve Education! in Thailand report

It is estimated that only 27% of Thailand’s population are able to speak English, but their proficiency level varies widely. Although the number of English learning apps has proliferated in schools, the impact on students’ learning progress is still limited. Our gaming apps have delivered new ways of learning English to students in Thailand and created great impacts on students’ progress. This report gives an overview of our work in Thailand and the progress we have made in 2021.