Dear Partners and Supporters,

At the beginning of May, Solve Education! together with the East Java Provincial Government and Nusantara Innovation Forum, launched an online game “Dawn of Civilization: Game for Charity” to help educate children from marginalized communities about the pandemic. We’d like to send a heartfelt thank you, as we would not have been able to accomplish this without your help. 

To date, the game has reached over 17,600 plays and our beneficiaries have been learning for a total of 946.36 hours since its first launch. With over 5,649 active online users from 258 districts/cities, Dawn of Civilization: Game for Charity hopes that this will ultimately reduce transmission and bring the end of the pandemic that much closer. 

“There is a strong link between education and a community’s ability to cope with challenges. Our intention through this game is to encourage children in Indonesia to adopt behaviors that will keep them and their communities safe. We also would like to ignite generosity in the hearts of these children by linking their in-game progress with charity. For every learning progress they make in the game, we donate one food or PPE package with our donors’ help. This way, we hope to position education as a part of a government’s front line for reducing the impact of the pandemic while also strengthening the resilience of children, communities, and the education system.”

Talitha Amalia, Game for Charity Project Leader

Through our Game for a Charity campaign the game, our players are also encouraged to help others in need. By simply playing the game and accumulating their scores, they have the opportunity to donate basic food supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to families and medical personnel in need. The higher score they obtain, the more packages they donate. 

As of today, 1,103 donation packages have been distributed to those in need and still counting. We would like to thank Lions Club Medan Lestari, JDN Indonesia, Indonesia Student World Association (PPI Dunia), Ten-O, and uncountable individual donors who have helped to make this Game for Charity campaign possible. You can help us to keep our charity program running by donating to our cause. (Find out how to donate here).

We would also like to thank Singtel and AWS, Bank Indonesia, KBRI London, and our distribution partners for their immense and various forms of support in making this game possible.

During these unusual times, day-to-day life has not always been easy for many, but with all of your enthusiasm and support, you have helped to educate children, feed families, and protect medical workers. Thank you.

”We are very grateful and utterly humbled to witness this remarkable collaborative effort of our beloved friends, partners, and supporters from around the globe. We hope that this heartfelt contribution would keep emanating a greater meaningful impact on the society, especially those in need”
Lilis Iskandar, President of Nusantara Innovation Forum

The game was initially rolled out on May 1st, 2020 by the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa. The game is available for Android or Windows and for more information, please visit or our social media pages:

Instagram: @solvecorona
Twitter: @solvecorona