From life in the hotel industry to Solve Education!

Tune into the podcast to hear about our CEO Janine Teo’s journey from hustling around the world to empowering people with educational opportunities. She also shares tips for well being when things can become overwhelming for an entrepreneur.

Find the link here: https://lnkd.in/gNTg9GRD

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Demo session with SMPN 1 Tompobulu, Bantaeng, Sulawesi!

A takeaway from the pandemic for all of us was adaptability with the help of technology. To make learning accessible the schools SMPN 1 Tompobulu, Bantaeng, Sulawesi provide PCs to the students who don’t have smartphones. Velia from our team conducted a demo session for our game ‘Dawn of Civilization’ 


With groundbreaking technological innovations in the 21st century, cloud computing can be one of the most significant. Join the webinar organized by Asian Development Bank (ADB) where our CEO Janine Teo speaks about Cloud Computing, and in particular, our organization Solve Education’s! work in developing countries.

The other keynote speakers are:
1) Thomas Abell (Advisor and Chief of Digital Technology for Development, Asian Development Bank (ADB))
2) Lim May-Ann 林美安 (Director – Singapore, Access Partnership)
3) Sherwin Pu (Head of Business Development, Private Sector Operations Department / ADB Ventures, ADB)
4) Digbijoy Shukla Development Lead, Startup Ecosystem ASEAN, Amazon Web Services (AWS))

Launching on Friday 10 September, 11:00 A.M. (GMT+8). Find the link to register: https://lnkd.in/gwNb9VDh

Access the publication by Asian Development Bank (ADB) about the expansion of cloud computing as a foundational technology for the digital economy, here: https://lnkd.in/g9AZuZzW#digitaldevelopment#AsianDevelopmentBank


Our dedicated research team strives to provide the most effective learning experience for our beneficiaries!

Our Research Engineer for digital learning, Melvin Zhang is conducting research on the ‘Elo rating system’ to determine a learner’s skill in our game ‘Dawn of Civilization’. The Elo rating system was initially developed as a chess rating system to calculate the player’s relative skill.

Taking inspiration from this, we are experimenting with the same system for determining our learner’s skill level in the game. Based on the learner’s choices throughout the game, their skill level would keep updating, and the most appropriate level of content would be visible to the player. 

The benefit of this system is it will effectively help us determine if a learner is receiving questions of appropriate difficulty as the game can match question difficulty to the learner’s skill in a more dynamic way.