Gawad Kalinga’s innovation with prizes

Our partner Gawad Kalinga, Philippines rallies all sectors of society to help in the vision of a poverty-free nation and we are assisting their beneficiaries to gain opportunities through education.

For the weekly learning challenge of our game Dawn of Civilization, Gawad Kalinga distributed the innovative prize of eggs to the winners!

By doing this, they are contributing to improving nutrition levels for children to further assist them in the learning process.

By sponsoring modems for internet access Gawad Kalinga has aligned with Solve Education!s belief that learning does not occur only in formal settings.

These are images of Gawad Kalinga students engrossed in our game Dawn of Civilization at a marketplace. 


Solve Education! Team Learning session

Our teammate Saphira Suwanto conducted a learning session where she shared tips for caring for the back and eye. Our teammates learned about good and bad postures and also simple eye exercises. 

These were helpful tips for our team to be conscious of health practices to have a great work-life balance.


Lenovo Foundation partners with Solve Education! to support STEM education through gamification

Read this article originally published by Lenovo to know more about our collaboration to improve the accessibility of education through technology.

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